About Us

Galaxy enterprises is a off shoot of Integrated Engineering Services , IES is serving customer from year 1998 and represented Thermax Ltd for its Vapor Absorption chiller as a OEM representative. Having served customer for the past 20 years and drawing its experience from the same the promoter has formed, Galaxy enterprises (Ge) .

GE is basically a company that is geared up to offer customer Steam Boiler and steam Engineering products and services . We can offer you the best in the market we have a coordinated in house and also expert vendors networked to ensure that we meet commitments given to you. We can offer you from Evaluation of your heat load , sizing , sourcing , procurement support , site assessment , Best engineering practice in Safety , Erection, Installation , Testing and commissioning of equipment’s which we supply .

The promoter has worked for large corporate organization such as THERMAX, ADITYA BIRLA and has extensive exposure in all projected related activity to guide customers for all their needs and expertise in Heating and Cooling solutions . The promoter specializes in Energy Management and can offer innovative solutions in utilization of energy , process optimization , evaluate efficiency , Improvement of efficiency , by means of many innovative products and services .

Today’s market demands suppliers to be competitive , reliable , versatile in offering products and services , after studying the market condition for almost 5 years Galaxy was formed with large volume of data and networked vendors to enable customer to get what they wanted with quality and price competitiveness quickly and supported by reliable service back , Galaxy has put in place all these parameters and is ready to support customers in need . While studying the market situation there is a great demand for Steam on demand , Chiller on hire , Build Own Operate and Transfer BOOT , Build Own Operate BOO , Lease own operate transfer . Galaxy is gearing up to match these requirements from selection of capital equipment selection , Installation , Statutory approval , Fuel logistics , manpower skill matrix , labor statutory compliance , Operation & maintenance protocol. You can count on us for all your requirements we will give our best to ensure that we satisfy your needs to ensure your core activity is seamless and effective.

  • Fuel additive for Diesel , Furnace oil , Briquette , Husk , Coal
  • AHU Filters and related accessories , supply of HEPA , ULPA filters
  • Heat exchangers for all application shell and tube and plate exchangers
  • Heat pump for hot water requirement combined with solar hot water collectors
  • Boiler spares , oil fired , solid fuel fired all spares , level gauges , feedwater pump ,
  • Burner supply and Burner spares of all makes Weisaupt , Bentone , Nuway, Uniway , Baltur , Sacke , Cunedo , Spares : Nozzle , controller , Photocell , Fuel pump , Ignition electrode .ignition transformer etc
  • Boiler , Condensor tube cleaning equipment , tube expander
  • Energy saving devices , Air conditioner energy saver , star delta converter ,
  • Flow meter , Electromagnetic , by pass rotameter , ovel gear flow , smart transmitter , Ultra sonic transmitter .
  • Speciality chemicals , Thermic fluid conditioner , chill water treatment , Descaling chemicals , Non graphite speciality gasket
  • Valves all types Gate , Globe , Butterfly, piston , steam , high temp , ptfe valves , Safety valve , Blowdown valves etc
  • Steam accessories , Flash tank , Steam accumulator , Pressure power steam driven pump for condensate transfer , Steam trap all types all makes , Complete condensate recovery system , Pressure reducing station .